All the files necessary for a full working set.

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Download software package

What do I get when I download the package?

All the necessary files needed for a full working set are zipped into one zip file. Create any folder anywhere you want and unzip in there all the files contained in the zip file.

The software has been developed in the Java language, so if you don't have Java installed or your Java version is rather outdated you can freely download it here. Chose the right version for your Linux, Mac or Windows operating system.

Download the zip file here, and extract it in an installation folder of your choice. The zip file contains

To start working just (double-)click the file "ShowStocks.jar", or, in a terminal screen on your installation folder type "java -jar ShowStock.jar".

The database that comes with the install is based on sqlite. If you plan to write SQL scripts to make reports, or do maintenance on the database be sure to download a bundle containing the command-line shell program.

The software in no ways touches your operating system and only modifies data in the installation folder you created yourself. So, to uninstall the program you simply erase the installation folder and your system returns to the situation it was before you installed the program.

Alternatively you can compile the software from sources. You can download them, as a netbeans project here.