Additional information from the software.


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Apart from the display what other information can I obtain ?

Fig. 21  Other information about the C.R.

On top in the middle, displayed in yellow, the actual value of the stock. In our case this is 18.35 €. The field "day" above will use it to display the stock value on another date as on next page.

On the bottom in the middle we find the phase of the C.R., which in our case is "A". Additionally we also get the deviation, which is here ≈ 4.27 €. This means that 95% of the quotes lie within the value of the red line ± 4.27 €, as represented by the green and blue line.

On the right from this we find the values of the minimum and the maximum, and the number of days ago when they occurred. Here the minimum took place 56 days ago at 20.05 € and the maximum 351 days ago at 40.60 €.