Example of the program being used for a concrete stock.

Using the software for evaluation of the "Celyad S.A."company's.stock on 11 February 2019.

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How do I obtain the C.R. of the stocks of the company "Celyad S.A."?

Fig. 18  A view of the drop down box containing the tickers of the stocks present in the database

I know that the ticker of this company is "CYAD", so I open up the drop down box and click "CYAD".

Fig. 19  The value of the date picker before and after hitting the "Get data" button.

After a valid ticker has been selected hitting the "Get data" button cause the following:

Pressing the "Display data button" now will causes the chosen data to be displayed:

Fig. 20  The display of the stock values of Celyad and its C.R..

On the display we find: in yellow the real values of the stock, in red its C.R.. The green and blue lines are the value of the red line plus the value of the deviation , respectively minus this value. The yellow values going outside these values is an indication that the stock is volatile. On the horizontal axis we find the number of days into the past (that's why they're negative). On the vertical axis the corresponding values in the monetary unit of the concerned market.

Apart from this graphic display the program give us additional information as explained on the next page.